Fund Raising

Let's cut to the chase here. To make more money for your group the product has to have a wide audience appeal.

Having a performance for a fund raiser let's your group make their money in one night with little effort on your part. Having that performance be a comedy magic show will assure a wide range of appeal resulting in a full house and a financially successful fund raiser.

I have many ideas on how to raise additional funds before, during, and after the show. Let's talk.

This is so important for your organization, we have made a special website for fundraisers!

Go to: Fund Raising With Magic.

Call Mike Miller at: 215-364-8132

Common Fund Raising Questions...

  • Do you want a way to fundraise without having to push people into buying something they don't really want?
  • Are you tired of doing the same fundraisers year after year?
  • Are you looking for a way to make loads of fundraising dollars AND have a whole lot of fun in the process?

The Magical Solution...

Let K& M Entertainment, with over 35 combined years of Family Entertainment Experience, help you raise thousands of dollars and Fundraise with Magic!

We would like to offer you a new and exciting way to bring fundraising dollars to your group this year!

How would you like to see a professional magic and illusion show come to your organization and completely astound every person in the audience? Your group could bring in hundreds or even thousands of dollars with an event that is so popular that amaze audiences, put a smile on kids faces and raise your organization thousands of dollars?

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