About Mike Miller

Mike Miller, as seen on the cover of The Society of American Magicians, M.U.M. magazine, is internationally know for his entertaining skills as well as his backstage talents helping hundreds of magicians perform for many magic conventions, world wide.

Mike, a master magician and illusionist, combines magical effects with his imaginative sense of humor. The results being a delightfully clever program that you will remember for a long time to come. After seeing the show there will be no doubt in your mind that deception can be fun.

Live animals and audience participation makes you part of the magical experience, especially for kids. Balloon sculptures add to the fun and delight of all. Magic will make your party one to remember.

Unlike most entertainers, Mike easily transforms to an excellent corporate and trade show entertainer, making customers remember your business as well as leaving them with memories about your corporation.

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Professional Organizations

  • Society of American Magicians National Organization President
  • Society of American Magicians National Organization Mid-Atlantic Regional Vice President (1993-95 National)
  • Society of American Magicians Assembly #4 Organization, President
  • International Brotherhood of Magicians, President 1998-99
  • International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 165
  • International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 6
  • Magicians Alliance of Eastern States, President 1994-95
  • KIDabra International (Membership only for KIDshow and Family performers)
  • Delaware Knights of Magic


  • S.A.M. #4 - Four Time Winner Stage Magician of the Year 1987, 1990, 1993, 1996
  • S.A.M. #4 - Best Performer 1990
  • M.A.E.S. - Best Stage 1987, Best Stage 1992, Manipulation 1992, Originality 1992, Clint Riedel Award 1992
  • Tony Slydini Memorial Award 1991 - For Dedication & Advancement to the Art of Magic

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